The event is located in the right center of Paris (at the main station – Chatelet les Halles). 

No matter where you book a hotel, hostel or Airbnb it will always lead you to the event. Use to check metro journey.

You can find all the informations in english here. But as a quick reminder : it is a freestyle competition opened to dancers from 6 to 18 years old included.

I will be glad to hear what we can collaborate on as media or sponsors, so feel free to contact me by mail at (I reply fast, no worry!)

NBA means Not Babies Anymore (nothing to do with basket ball…) 😅

NBA Dance Talent is a selection of my favorite dancers under 18 years old.

That means, it is dancers that I selected myself for loving their dance, feelings, determination, personalities and so on… There’s no criterias to become a NBA.

The only way to become part of the project is to pass the prelims from the main event OR to win the qualification in other countries (Ukraine and Russia for 2019).

The event costs 5€ for dancers and for kids under 18 years old. It costs 10€ per adults.

A forfait will be available for families on Digitick : 15€ for 1 adults & 2 kids.

About workshops, prices are coming here soon.

PRELIMS will be at La Place, centre culturel hip-hop from 10 AM
Address : 10 passage de la Canopée, 75001 Paris (metro : Chatelet-les-Halles)

MAIN EVENT will be at Centre Georges Pompidou from 2 PM
Address : place Georges-Pompidou, 75004 Paris (metro : Rambuteau)